Mikal Ibn Ra’oof II

Founder, CEO, Operations Manager / Licensed Electrician

After leaving the military, and spending 4 years in college… I wasn’t satisfied with the normal wears and tears of sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours a day. I spent more time wondering how things are powered and how electricity travels. “So back to school I went!” This time to find out the question of how does electricity work! (8 years) later and an understanding of how commercial and residential construction works. I decided the next logical step was to be able to provide my community with the knowledge I have now obtained.

By creating my own company, and applying the fundamental’s… by paring myself with the right circle of partners. I believe these are the traits needed to be successful!

Quality Craftsmanship, Specialized Knowledge, Punctuality, Integrity, Honor and Excellent Customer Service!

I believe that these will be the principles to maintaining a long lasting relationship with my company team, clients, and the community we serve!

Thank you for the opportunity, and thank you for choosing Marikal Electric LLC.

Let US earn your business!!!